Cantilever single twisting machine

July 21, 2023

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Apply to one-time completion of PE or PVC covered core wire stranding&concentric taping or side taping for control cable, communication cable, power cable, coaxial cable, etc. Mainly used for high-precision cored wire stranding {can be equipped with fout-head longitudinal taping machine, for making CAT7}

A cantilever single-twisting machine is a type of cable-twisting machine used in the wire and cable manufacturing industry. It is designed to twist a single pair of insulated conductors or wires together to form a twisted cable. The term "cantilever" refers to the machine's configuration, where one end of the machine is supported, and the twisting section extends freely.

Here are the key features and components of a cantilever single-twisting machine:

1. Cantilever Design: The machine's design allows one end of the machine to be anchored or supported, while the twisting section extends freely, creating a workspace for the twisting process.

2. Pay-off System: The pay-off system is responsible for supplying the individual insulated conductors or wires from separate spools or bobbins. The wires are pulled into the twisting area to form the cable.

3. Twisting Section: This is the central part of the machine where the insulated conductors or wires are twisted together. The machine can be equipped with rotating spindles or bobbins that rotate around each other to achieve the desired twist.

4. Tensioning Mechanism: To ensure uniformity in the twisted cable, a tensioning mechanism is used to control the tension of the individual wires during the twisting process.

5. Take-up System: Once the conductors are twisted together to form the cable, the take-up system collects the twisted cable on a spool or bobbin for further processing or packaging.

6. Control Panel: The control panel houses the necessary controls, switches, and indicators to operate and regulate the machine's speed, tension, and twist settings.

 The cantilever single-twisting machine is commonly used for various cable and wire applications, such as twisted-pair cables used in communication cables or electrical cables. It is known for its simplicity, efficiency, and ease of operation, making it a popular choice for small to medium-scale cable manufacturers.

The machine's design allows for easy access to the twisting area, simplifying maintenance and setup procedures.