Equipment maintenance and spot check of FTTH drop cable production line (二)

March 29, 2022

Latest company news about Equipment maintenance and spot check of FTTH drop cable production line (二)
  • Equipment lubrication:

1. Lubricating oil in extruder reducer box: above 40#, replacement cycle 4000 hours

2. Bearing of each part of extruder: grease replacement ,cycle 2000 hours

3. Lubricating oil in reducer: 30# oil change cycle 4000 hours

4. Bearing of subcable unit pay off guide wheel: 20# oil change ,cycle 1000 hours

5. Other parts of bearings: 20# oil or grease ,replacement cycle of 1000 hours

  • Maintenance of extruder

(1) Check the tension of the belt of the extruder.

(2) Check the oil level of the reducer.

(3) Check the tightness of all screws (tighten before heating).

(4) Check all instruments and indicators.

(5) The machine is generally not allowed to operate under no load, so as not to scratch the screw and barrel.

(6) And its lubrication points are regularly filled with replacement lubricant, the reducer is filled with mechanical oil above 40#, replaced once half a year, and the other bearings are used with grease (industrial grease 3#).

(7) Method of cleaning the barrel and screw:

Step 1: when moving or temporarily not using the machine, before the last work is finished, clean the screw and close the hopper switch.

The second step: clean the barrel and screw, first turn the screw at low speed, squeeze the material clean, cut off the power supply (can not be forced to knock) by the resin in the barrel before cold curing with special tools to clean.

The third step: screw assembly, in the barrel hole and the surface of the screw coated with anti-rust oil, and then the screw tail of the double flat keys aligned with the gearbox spindle in the double keyway can be pushed, must not impact and knock (with copper rod or wood products).

2. Reducer of other parts of production line. The transmission shall be replaced regularly according to the situation (generally for half a year), the lubricating oil is 30# oil, and the other bearings shall be lubricated with butter.

3. The bearings of the regulating wheels of optical fiber pay off are lubricated with 20# oil and refueled once a month.

4. The water in the water tank should be replaced in time, and when the water is found dirty, it should be replaced in time.

5. The transparent window of the line diameter detector should be kept clean and not stained with dirt.

6. After each shift, the equipment should be cleaned, kept clean and beautiful