How to start run the FTTH drop cable production line

March 14, 2022

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how to run FTTH drop cable production line operati...


1. Turn on the power switch of the main electric control cabinet.

2. after starting the computer, until the computer automatically boot into the system monitoring software;

3. If the communication between PLC and computer is wrong, please exit the monitoring software, check and troubleshoot the fault, and then run the monitoring software again;

4. when starting FTTH drop cable production line, users need to select the production parameters of this cable from common cable specifications; Once selected, please do not choose other specifications in the process of production, otherwise, it may lead to unpredictable consequences; Then, the user can turn into the automatic operation interface for operation;

5 .In the process of extruder pre-heating, clip the pay off bobbin, and adjust the pay off tension.

6. Clamp the take up reel, check whether the take up adjustment is adjusted to the appropriate position, start the "take up" button, and then rotate the take up at low speed to check whether the take up axis is on the same level.

7. After heating temperature is reached, start the extruder and set the required screw speed to discharge the extruder; At low speed, the speed is set to about 5RPM. After the temperature in each area is stable, the material is discharged at the speed required for this production, and observe whether there is any abnormality. If everything is normal, the discharge material process is finished.

8. After discharging, set the extruder given to zero, start traction and pay of, if there is no alarm display, start production;

9. Start the blow-drying device; Please be careful not to splash water on the lens of the diameter gauge;

10. confirmed the FTTH drop cable production line start at a lower speed, screw automatically according to the user to set the parameters of the cable diameter with traction speed automatically, the user can according to the need for proper tuning, conform to the requirements, until the diameter (fine-tuning numerical only effective for the screw to start, as a particular cable diameter is larger deviation, Need to reset the scaling factor in the production parameter interface); pull the cable rewinding on the take up machine, at same time, adjust pay off,take up and traverse potentiometer to the appropriate position, so that the take up swing arm guide wheel to keep in a suitable position; In the process of FTTH drop cable production line, pay attention to the position of the take up and traverse potentiometer, so as to adjust it at any time; FTTH drop cable production line can choose normal speed operation after normal and stable operation.