What maintenance does the silica gel extruder need to do?

February 28, 2022

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Silica gel tube extruder as a common processing equipment for silica gel products, it is like our daily car, it must be regular care and care


1. Check the wear state of V belt and driving wheel in V gear transmission: adjust the center distance of V gear transmission to make V belt stable and reasonable; The V belt with obvious loss should be replaced.

2. Withdraw the screw and check the loss state of the barrel and the screw. For the rough surface with moderate scratching or attack, repair and grind with oil stone or fine sand cloth to improve smoothness lubrication; Record the true specifications and dimensions of the screw hole and outer circle of the barrel and screw.

3, remove gear shaft reducer, sliding bearing gland, check the quality of smooth agent and the proportion of metal powder in the oil, remove the smooth area, replace or select smooth agent.

4. Check the loss state of transmission gear shaft and sliding bearing, and draw the gear shaft with obvious loss. Highlight parts manufacturing and ordering plans as necessary to be ready for replacement during the next repair.

5. Maintain vacuum pump, remove high pressure pipeline, verify hydraulic meter.

6. Check and calibrate the temperature difference between the heating temperature of the barrel and the forming shell (evaluated by the heat probe needle) and the temperature data indicated by the instrument on the operating box, so as to ensure the accurate use of the consumption process temperature.

7. Adjust and test the safety of the high monitoring system to check the accuracy and accuracy of its operation.

8, test, test the water, gas and pipe pressure pipe can be connected, oil leakage, blocked area to remove repair.

9. Check and adjust the operation position of heating equipment, cooling blower and safe high cover to ensure that they can operate daily and effectively.

10. Record the detailed models of cylinder pad, sliding bearing and V-belt, and emphasize the procurement process of parts and components