What's Optical fiber?

October 10, 2022

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What is Fiber Optic Cable?


Optical fiber cable (optical fiber cable) is manufactured to meet optical, mechanical or environmental performance specifications. It is a communication that uses one or more optical fibers placed in a sheath as a transmission medium and can be used individually or in groups Cable assembly. Optical cables are mainly composed of optical fibers (thin glass filaments such as hair), plastic protective sleeves and plastic sheaths. There are no metals such as gold, silver, copper and aluminum in the optical cables, and generally have no recycling value. An optical cable is a communication line in which a certain number of optical fibers compose a cable core in a certain way, and are covered with a sheath, and some are also covered with an outer sheath to realize the transmission of optical signals. That is: a cable formed by an optical fiber (optical transmission carrier) through a certain process. The basic structure of optical cable is generally composed of several parts such as cable core, reinforced steel wire, filler and sheath. In addition, there are waterproof layer, buffer layer, insulated metal wire and other components as required.


Optical fiber structure


The bare fiber is generally divided into three layers:

First layer: high refractive index glass core (core diameter is generally 9-10μm,(single mode) 50 or 62.5 (multi-mode).

The second layer: low refractive index silicon glass cladding in the middle (diameter is generally 125μm).

The third layer: the outermost is a resin coating for strengthening.

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1) Fiber core: high refractive index, used to transmit light;

2) Coating: refractive index is low, forming total reflection condition together with fiber core;

3) Protective jacket: strong, can withstand large impact, protect optical fiber.

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