What's the different For FTTX and FTTH?

April 25, 2022

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FTTx technology is mainly used for Optical access network, ranging from local equipment in regional telecom room to user Terminal equipment. The local equipment is Optical Line Terminal. OLT, and the client device is an Optical Network Unit. ONU or Optical Network Terminal; ONT). According To The distance from The optical Fiber To The user To classify, can be divided into optical Fiber To The Cabinet (Fiber To The Cabinet; FTTCab), Fiber To The Curb; FTTC, Fiber To The Building; FTTB) and Fiber To The Home; FTTH) and other 4 service forms. Verizon incorporated FTTB and FTTH as Fiber To The Premise; FTTP). These services may be collectively referred to as FTTx.



FTTC is currently the most important form of service, mainly for residential users for service, the ONU equipment placed in the roadside chassis, the use of ONU out of the coaxial cable transmission CATV signal or twisted-pair transmission telephone and Internet services.


FTTB can be divided into two types according to the service object, one is the user service of apartment building, the other is the company number service of commercial building, and the two kinds of ONU are set in the basement of the building distribution box, but the ONU of apartment building is an extension of FTTC, while commercial building is for medium and large enterprises, the transmission rate must be improved. To provide high-speed data, e-commerce, video conferencing and other broadband services.


As for FTTH, THE ITU considers FTTH to be no more than 100 meters from the photoelectric converter (or MEDIA converter MC) at the optical fiber end to the user's desktop. FTTH extends the distance of optical fiber to the home of end users, enabling the home to provide a variety of broadband services, such as VOD, home shopping, home classes, etc., providing more business opportunities. If WLAN technology is combined, broadband and mobile will be combined, then the future broadband digital home can be achieved.


FTTP(Fiber to the premise) is a North American term for extending fiber optic cables all the way to homes or businesses. Because fiber provides more bandwidth than the last mile of twisted-pair or coaxial cable, operators use it to provide voice, video and data services. FTTP has speeds of 25M to 50Mbps or higher, compared with maximum speeds of about 5M to 6Mbps for other types of broadband services. In addition, FTTP supports fully symmetric services.