What's the different for wire cable and optical cable?

October 28, 2022

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1.What's the different for electric wire and cable ?


In fact, "wire" and "cable" don't have a clearly-defined boundaries. Usually the less number of cores or single core, small product diameter, simple structure of the product is called wire, no insulation is called bare wire, otherwise it is called cable; Conductor cross-sectional area is larger (greater than 6 square millimeters) known as large wire, smaller (less than or equal to 6 square millimeters) known as small wire, insulated wire is also known as building wire.

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2.What's the different for electric cable and optical cable?

2.1 Cable: its large volume, weight, poor communication ability, can only be used for short distance communication. When the phone converts the acoustic signal into electrical signal and transmits it to the switch through the line, and then the switch directly transmits the electrical signal to the other phone through the line to answer the call, the line transmitted during the call is the cable. The cable is mainly copper conductor


2.2 optica cable: communication Optical cable is a certain number of optical fibers in a certain way to compose the cable core, outsourcing a sheath, some also covered with outer sheath, used to achieve optical signal transmission of a communication line.


Their differences: 1.the inside of the cable is a copper conductor; Inside the optical cable is fiberglass.

                             2. Communication optical cable has greater transmission capacity than copper cable, long relay distance, small volume, light

                             weight, no electromagnetic interference

                             3.Cables transmit electrical signals. Optical cables transmit optical signals

                             4.Cables are mainly used for energy transmission and low-end data transmission (such as telephone). Optical cables are

                             mostly used for data transmission.