What's the network cable series?

July 21, 2022

Latest company news about What's the network cable series?

1. CAT5 cable: CAT 5 cable supports highest transmission rate is 100Mbps.


2. CAT 5E network cable: super category 5 network cable is the "main force" of network cable at present,  Compared with the CAT5 network cable, the CAT5E network cable has less attenuation and stronger anti-interference ability.supports highest transmission rate is 250Mbps.


3, CAT6 network cable: support gigabit network, often called "gigabit network cable"; The CAT6 highest transmission rate is 1Gbps.


4. CAT6E cable: CAT 6E cable is an improved version of CAT 6 cable, with a maximum transmission rate of up to 1Gbps.; Compared with the CAT6, the crosstalk, attenuation, signal-to-noise ratio and other aspects have been greatly improved.


5, CAT7: CAT7 is a kind of shielded twisted pair, mainly used for ten gigabit network, transmission rate up to 10Gbps; Among the seven types of cables, each pair has a shielding layer, and the four pairs of cables together have a common shielding layer, which is much thicker than the common network cable in appearance.